René has the voice you are looking for.

Self-proclaimed "girl nerd" René Bergeron has been utilizing her voice for nearly her entire life. Growing up in a family of musicians, René discovered her voice at an early age singing along to her father's organ and piano playing in the family living room in Reading, MA. Performing in choirs, jazz ensembles, rock bands, musical theater and in her own music endeavors, she has channeled a polished level of passion and expressiveness into her sound.

Her first voice over gig was reading the school announcements every morning during her senior year at Reading Memorial High School. As a student of the Such A Voice program, René honed her voice over craft to develop a professional and creative sound. Drawing from her drama and musical theater experience, she adds a nuance to her reading that makes her truly unique. René's versatility enables her to lend any style to her projects from youthful to mature; from upbeat to sensual—bringing even the simplest words to vibrant life.

Since beginning her career as a voice over artist, René has lent her voice to projects for clients such as Raytheon, Crossbeam/Blue Coat, Kaskons, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Vention Medical and Avidyne Corporation.


Just for Fun

When René is not in the studio, she can often be found watching Monty Python's Flying Circus, slaying various bosses as a Retribution Paladin in World of Warcraft or rocking it out with her brothers in the Boston-based band, Bed By Nine.